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Outdoor gear---high power USB flashlight TANK007 UC20

7th Jun 2024

As an outdoor sports enthusiast, with a large power USB flashlight of their own is a thing that can not be asked for. The most flashlights are so expensive that general consumers r…
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Five UV flashlight recommendation from TANK007---expert of uv flashlight

20th Dec 2023

365nm UV flashlight has strict requirements for LED and the production cost is expensive,it is used in professional applications areas. 395nm is enough to meet general demand for h…
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New Released TANK007 TC18 rechargeable flashlight with attractive green fluorescent circle

13th Apr 2023

Tank007 has released a new led flashlight TC18 on May 12th .It is a high-power multifunctional rechargeable LED flashlight which is designed for police, searching, outdoor lighting…
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