Great Flashlight Recommendation--TANK007 PT40

Great Flashlight Recommendation--TANK007 PT40

Posted by tank007store on 19th Oct 2021

tank007 tactical torch PT40

PT40 tank007 tactical flashlight

In recent years,many inferior flashlight with poor quality but looks very strong has gone to the market. These phenomenons caused concern of consumers and tank007.

Some flashlight of tank007,even its price is expensive, but it does always have a very good quality,especially the  series. If you are going to select a flashlight,be sure to select a brand with nearly 10 years of experience in manufacturing.

Every LED flashlight of Tank007 will not go into the market before it has get through a series of harsh tests including high temperature test, anti scratch test, circuit board resistance test on high temperature, anti-drop test, waterproof level test, shock test,etc.

Compared with flashlights at low price on the market,tank007’s flashlight always have longer use life. Also the technical indicators are more reliable.

Redesigned to provide a quick, smooth, and powerful lighting tools for police patrol environments, the TANK007 PT40 Mission Torch offersMax mxa Brightness up to 1000 has five modes(High-Med-Low-Strobe-SOS) and a momentary on switch. Crafted from durable and lightweight premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish aerospace grade aluminum, the PT40 is impact and durable. Specially design of high-efficiency optical aluminum reflector to achieve an excellent and smooth beam.its Beam Distance up to 300 meters.

 Flashlight PT40's burning time is also excellent:

(Standard type)high light- 1.5 hours; low light-50 hours

(Extended type)high light- 3hours; low light-97 hours

From the overall ,PT40 is a portable and high power torch. With a XM L-U2 LED and up to 1000 lumens, it is the first choice for police, searching, outdoors and camping etc.